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I want to build my entrepreneurial skills

By joining us, you will be part of a unique ecosystem of driven and innovative people with different backgrounds. Our community includes innovators coming from the tech and business world, as well as promising newcomers, to serial entrepreneurs. Join us and seize the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial skills rapidly.

The experts in our network offer programs tailored to equip you and your founding team with the integral skills you will need to unlock your startup idea and kick-start your business. These programs provide mentorship, coaching, and business and market insights to help you get started as a startup founder.

ECE Student Founders Program

This program is ideal if you are interested in learning the basics of entrepreneurship and building a startup. You get insight in the skills you need as a founder. You can also enroll for this program if you are curious to find out if entrepreneurship is something for you.

EUR Minor: Start up your own business

Diverse EUR faculties offer multiple entrepreneurial courses within their curriculum, teaching you how entrepreneurs create business opportunities and develop them into sustainable ventures. If you are a university or exchange student interested in experiencing what it takes to become an entrepreneur, enroll for the Entrepreneurship: Startup Up Your Own Business minor offered by our experts in collaboration with RSM.

Entrepreneurial Awakening

This programme is to support EUR employees in developing the capabilities to improve and sustain innovation for society. At the university, many novel ideas and innovations are explored. Some are interesting enough to be further developed for practical application, or even for independent (startup) initiatives. But how?
Understanding what drives entrepreneurship and having an entrepreneurial spirit are critical success factors. Entrepreneurship Awakening will help you to understand and explore entrepreneurship in such a way that, whenever you have invented something, you do not start from scratch. Even if you do not see yourself as an entrepreneur, an entrepreneurial attitude will prove beneficial in an academic setting.