We are a community and we thrive together

Erasmus Enterprise Buildings

Our community is situated in the Erasmus Enterprise buildings on the EUR campus. You will recognize the buildings by their vibrant yellow color. The black and yellow chevron stripes in front of the buildings represent connection, and connect not only the two buildings, but also all the inspiring, driven entrepreneurs within our ecosystem. The stripes also tell the story of our community: how we are all constantly moving forward and making strides with our innovative startup initiatives.

Yellow and black, used at building sites, stand for: “under construction”. Within the Erasmus Enterprise community you can build, shape, and grow your startup. Here founders’ teams can roll up their sleeves and put in the necessary work to make an impact.

Campus life Stachowiak

Flex desks + Co-working spaces

Our co-working space is engineered to give you that flexible, first ‘working location’ from which you can kick-start your startup! You have your own desk within an open-plan, co-working space, and you have access to all facilities on offer: meeting rooms, investor rooms, event spaces, restaurant, terrace and a podcast recording studio. You will be working right at the heart of our thriving community, alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and other integral stakeholders in our ecosystem such as corporates and investors. You will also enjoy our community events and various social activities!

Please note: participating in some of the growth programs offered by our experts, may automatically grant you access to a flex desk in our co-working space.



As your business grows, you and your startup will need more space! The office area within the N-building offers you the ideal environment to further scale your startup. Here, you can create your very own office, and design, decorate and bring to life your workspace according to your unique brand and style. We have both smaller and larger offices available within our community, and you will be able to use all the additional facilities that come with it: meeting rooms, investor rooms, event spaces, restaurant, terrace and a podcast recording studio. Needless to say, you will be able to participate in our various community events and social activities!

Organize your events

Our events spaces give you the possibility to host your own events within the Erasmus Enterprise buildings. From bigger events, to social drinks or small meetings, we can accommodate you.
We have an atmospheric community space, two lecture rooms, a board room and diverse meeting spaces available. Next to that we have a great outdoor space with an inviting terrace. We are happy to co-develop any ideas you might have and help with facilitation and event management. Our experts are here to accommodate you and make your event a real happening with the right on campus exposure.

Our Campus

25,000+ students

500+ professors

7 faculties

10+ institutes

  • A University college and Hogeschool Rotterdam on campus
  • Catering: more than 10 restaurants
  • Banqueting: catering for events and drinks
  • Other facilities: sports center, supermarket, copy shop, library, hairdresser
  • Easily accessible by public transport and car (ample parking)

I Would Like a Tour

Erasmus Enterprise office spaces offer you the ideal environment to further grow your startup. Contact us today to learn more about our available office spaces and take the first step toward scaling your business in an inspiring atmosphere!

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Community Manager at Erasmus Enterprise