Erasmus Enterprise Startup Voucher

The Erasmus Enterprise Startup Voucher provides funding and coaching to entrepreneurial students who want to kick-start their own company and cover initial costs for developing innovative ideas, such as building a prototype. It provides you with general funding for developing innovative ideas into business propositions.

Application Process


Complete an application form that outlines your idea and your plan for developing or testing it.


Once you've submitted your application, a committee will review it. The Application Deadline is 15 September 2023.

Sign the Deal

If your plan is approved, you'll be invited to sign a contract for the Erasmus Enterprise Startup Voucher.

Who can join?

The Erasmus Enterprise Startup Voucher can be granted to natural persons that meet the following conditions:

  • He/she has an innovative idea and the ultimate goal to start a business based on this idea.
  • He/she is a student or academic at Erasmus University Rotterdam or has graduated at the Erasmus University Rotterdam for up to 5 years before application.
  • If you are an academic, also reach out to Erasmus Research Services (ERS) in case the business idea is based on research of the Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • He/she nor anyone else working on the same project has ever received a Erasmus Enterprise Startup Voucher for this project.
  • Any other conditions set by Erasmus Enterprise or the applicant’s faculty.
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