About us

We are a collaborative community dedicated to empowering visionary entrepreneurs

Welcome to Erasmus Enterprise – a driven and diverse entrepreneurial community, on a mission to help you transform your innovative startup ideas into successful businesses and your businesses into thriving scaleups.

We believe that entrepreneurship creates a positive societal impact by driving innovation. Startups and scaleups need a community and ecosystem to bring them to the next level on their entrepreneurial journey and to increase their impact.

Our unique ecosystem combines the best, multi-disciplinary expertise from Rotterdam and Delft, as well as regional startup funds, in one central location – the EUR Woudestein Campus.

We believe that by combining the know-how, resources, and networks of Erasmus Research and Business Support (ERBS), Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE), and Tech Incubator YES!Delft, we can empower you to take your startup to the next level. By partnering with investment fund UNIIQ, and actively engaging with our alumni investors directly, and through the Graduate Entrepreneur Fund, we extend our regional investment network to all members of our community.

The mutli-faceted expertise of our in-house experts spans from idea validation to incubation as well as funding and scaling, making our community the ideal ecosystem to nurture your entrepreneurial journey.

Meet Our Team

Ernst Hoestra


Liesje Goldschmidt

Head of Business Development

Bas van der Noll

Head of Investments

Mostafa Zeriouh


Saskia Sluijter

Assistant Controller

Joris Meijaard

Academic Liaison

Mersiha Kisevic

HR & Office Manager

Jessie in 't Veen

Event Manager

Martha Behan

Community Manager

Johanna Raats

Marketing & Communications Lead

Laulinda Antonia Massunda

Project Manager, Erasmus University Challenge

Mano Szollosi

Videographer & Content Creator

Lora Apostolova

Junior Producer

Valeria Enache

Graphic Design Assistant

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Supervisiory Board

Ed Brinksma


Maria van der Hoeven

Lars Crama

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