We are here to help you determine your product-market fit

I have a great idea for a business

If you have a well-defined idea for a business, our experts can help you to validate your market proposition and further develop that idea. Business validation is an important stage in your startup journey and having the right mentors and coaches from the beginning, and being in touch with your customer base is key. Our experts are equipped to support your startup in idea-validation by connecting you to your customers and matching you with the right mentors and partners. Pitch your idea to your peers from the community to further fine-tune your business and find the right co-founders to build your team!

ECE Erasmus Start it up

This is an intensive 1-day program that empowers you to validate and give your business idea direction. Our network of experts are ready to guide you in identifying your customers and understanding what their needs are.

ECE Erasmus Start it up

YES!Delft Validation Lab

This part-time, 10-week program is designed to help you find the problem-solution fit for your tech startup, and start building your dream team! Our experts offer custom Validation Labs per focus area (AI/Blockchain, clean tech, Deep tech), each with their own ecosystem of mentors and partners well equipped to help you maximize your success.


ERBS Impact Center

Ambitious and passionate scientists can valorize their innovative ideas via ERBS. If the idea is expected to be commercially successful, a scientist’s research can be marketed, with ERBS providing support and advice in the areas of: business development, pre-financing, access to a relevant network, drafting a business plan and financial and administrative support.
The innovative research activities will be privatized if there is sufficient turnover and will become a separate BV under the umbrella of Erasmus Enterprise.

Philips Innovation Award

If you want to validate or kickstart your idea on the basis of personal feedback, training sessions within a pitching competition, you can participate in the Philips Innovation Award, the largest student-entrepreneur award in the Netherlands and partner of the Graduate Entrepreneur fund. Both the Innovator award (50.000 euro) and the Rough Diamond award (10.000 euro) are handed out, to develop your idea and bring your business to the next level.