Erasmus University Challenge: A Student Entrepreneur Upcycling Textile Waste

Benedikt Albertsen is an inspiring entrepreneur who founded Sarowa, a sustainable upcycling fashion business that aims to make upcycling scalable by creating trendy and wearable items out of textile waste. Benedikt’s childhood aspiration of making a significant impact on the world fueled his entrepreneurial journey. He believes that everyone can use the skills they learn at universities to tackle real-world problems. He believes that there is no better time than the present to create something: “Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to make a change in the world… and this is the best time to make change, especially for students who are still young, have less to risk, and have all the energy to create a meaningful impact.”

Last year, Benedikt participated in the Erasmus University Challenge, a program that supports young entrepreneurs into turning their innovative ideas into reality. He found the program to be an excellent way to gain guidance and structure to navigate his startup. He credited the mentors for being immensely helpful, as their passion inspired him to be more communicative and supportive of his entrepreneurial vision.

“I think one of the main things you take away from the challenge is that, you are capable… The Erasmus University Challenge, provides guidance for the first couple of steps that need the most attention and are the most difficult because they are so incredibly broad…The judges and the mentors were absolutely amazing, they really helped us and their willingness to spend time with you is truly amazing. I think the most important value you can take from the challenge is also how big they are building their network!” – Benedikt Albertsen

As an entrepreneur, Benedikt sees the willingness to change as a crucial factor in driving his success. He learned that it is essential to be persistent, both internally and externally and no matter what idea you have, you must take the risk and take part in the Erasmus University Challenge as it would teach you of your capabilities, highlighting how one must always think they are capable of change and can make something great. “To anyone thinking to join the Erasmus University Challenge, just do it! The challenge is the first step in the right direction…You are young and have nothing to lose.”

Benedikt is enthusiastic about participating in the upcoming Erasmus University Challenge once again, as he firmly believes that it would further his current ideas and guide him in areas where he needs the most assistance. His commitment in creating sustainable and scalable solutions for textile waste is inspiring and his unwavering dedication and belief in the Erasmus University Challenge underlines the significance of such initiatives that foster young entrepreneurs and offer them the necessary framework and direction to translate their ideas into reality.