Book Launch: The Impact Starting Guide

The Impact Starting Guide

Change does not happen by itself. It requires perseverance, grit and ambition. And changemakers don’t create impact in splendid isolation. They have the ability to ask for help when needed and bring together the right people at the right time.

As part of the Strategy24 of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where Entrepreneurship plays a key role of the Erasmian values, we offer academics a support network, advice, tools and tips to create societal impact in their own disciplines.

The road to impact can be diverse and it might not be clear at the beginning what road your journey will take:

  • Research results creating a change in public policy
  • Research providing companies with a competitive edge
  • Research to set-up or support NGOs in maximising their societal impact
  • Execution of contract research
  • Implement research findings in commercial and public organizations
  • Research of services that optimize the operations and mutual services at the EURFor each of the above mentioned impact journeys, the EUR is committed to offer support to maximize the positive societal impact, either through Erasmus Enterprise on the private side of the university or ERS on the public side of the university.
The Official Book Launch
17:30 Welcome from Erasmus Enterprise & Erasmus Research Services
17:45 The road to the Impact Starting Guide by Bas van der Noll & Marije Wassenaar
18:00 Official Handover of the first Impact Guide for Academics to Ed Brinksma
The official moment will be celebrated with drinks and the possibility for all participants to meet & greet with other like-minded peers.
We’re delighted to launch the Impact Starting Guide and hand-over the first copy to Ed Brinksma, President of the Executive Board at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
All participants get a free (digital) version of the Impact Starting Guide.
For sign-up please contact and stay tuned in this space to be the first to get a free digital copy of the guide.

About Erasmus Enterprise

Erasmus Enterprise bundles all the entrepreneurial support and activities of the Erasmus University. By bringing opportunities for funding, community and office spaces, we aim to support the entrepreneurial ambitions of both students and professionals.

About Erasmus Research Services 

Erasmus Research Services supports Erasmus researchers to achieve societal impact. With experts on a wide variety of topics -ranging from legal, open science and business development- and tools we aim to support researchers who want to make an impact.