Hackathon EQUANS by YES!Delft

If you are a student or other bright mind interested in the e-mobility field and want a fun, inspiring, and interactive day at YES!Delft to help e-mobility forward – Register Now!

Guided by YES!Delft and Equans experts, you and your team will work on innovative solutions to reduce emissions. You can apply either individually or in a group. Join the Equans Hackathon now!



Equans, the international market leader in technical services, and YES!Delft are hosting a Hackathon to discover innovative ideas for the sustainable growth of the e-mobility field. The focus is on reducing cities’ emissions and preparing for the increased use of electric vehicles (EVs).

Municipalities see the number of electric vehicles (EVs) increasing yearly. A good thing, right? It will help reduce city emissions. However, it also poses challenges concerning the charging infrastructure, the grid, and public space design.

The growing number of people driving electric cars is exceeding expectations. Experts believe that by 2025, there will be a big switch from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric cars. It means that we have to start now by thinking about the challenges. How do we provide enough charging stations? And how do we ensure availability for every user? The Netherlands needs to prepare for these significant and upcoming changes in the e-mobility field now to prevent running into shortages.




Molengraaffsingel 12

2629 JD Delft


23 March 2023


6 March 2023


Corporate Challenge


Free of charge