There is a reason why people don’t climb Everest on their own. With a team, you can overcome obstacles that seem impossible just by yourself. Research over the past four decades has shown that startups co-founded by a team are more successful. In this Online Co-Lab session, as a single founder, founding team, or entrepreneurial minded person, you’ll get the tools and connections to find that new member of your dream team to help you reach the top!


This online Co-Lab is a 0,5-day session where we challenge you to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs from home.

  • Get the tools, knowledge and connections to find your co-founder or newest team member
  • Introduction and sneak peek into YES!Delft’s services, programs and office spaces
  • Participation is free, but registration is necessary as we will select participants based on best potential matches. In addition, make sure you have a working webcam and microphone.

Hi there,

Great that you are interested in what YES!Delft has to offer. During the Co-Lab of the Friday 21st of May, you will get an insight in what YES!Delft is all about. One of the most important success factors of a startup is the team you are working with. We will give you the tools to form a diverse team and the opportunity to meet your potential team members. Let’s start!