Opening Academic Year

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) guarantees all prospective students and students re-enrolling that all education will be offered next academic year. Our aim is to provide more education on campus as soon as circumstances permit.

Optimal use of our campus

The possibilities to provide physical education are limited at the moment. Now that vaccination against Covid-19 has started, we expect the situation to improve after summer and that many of the educational activities on campus can be resumed. In that respect we will make optimal use of the available space and facilities. Due to the differences between our programmes, the implementation per school or programme will however vary. For education that cannot be offered on campus, online alternatives are available.

Lessons learned

The past year has taught us a great deal about providing distance learning in combination with activities permitted on campus. As a result, we are well prepared for all kinds of scenarios due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The current situation asks a lot from all of us, but in general our students are satisfied with the way the EUR has organised education in the past year. We remain committed to providing the best possible education under all circumstances and hope this will enable you to realise your study ambitions at the EUR.

Enrolment in regular bachelor and master programmes

The guarantee also applies to international students who may not have been able to arrange a visa before the start of their studies or for whom travel restrictions apply. Different rules apply to the study of Medicine, therefore not all education can be guaranteed. Some practicals, especially with regard to the Master’s specializations in Psychology will be given face-to-face and can therefore not take place online in some cases.

Under the current circumstances, some admission procedures have been adjusted. We are happy to help you make the right choice and prepare for a carefree start to your studies. More information can be found at For example, you can find information about online taster days, information sessions and chat opportunities with current students. You can also come into contact with one of our study advisors.