Yellow Cab Podcast

Interview with Nikos Nakos

Nikos Nakos is co-founder of IamExpat Media and alumnus from the MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship (2007 – 2008). Nikos elaborated on his key memories from his student time at the Erasmus University and explained how he (and his co-founders) transformed IamExpat Media as a ‘side project’ into the leading online publisher and event organizer for the expat community in the Netherlands and Germany.

Interview with Charlie Wulff & Victor Bloem

Charlie Wulff and Victor Bloem are two alumni from the MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship and highly ambitious serial entrepreneurs. During our interview, we reflected upon their study time at Erasmus University, discussed lessons learned from their own entrepreneurial journey and talked about what currently keeps them busy in times of Covid-19.

Interview with Amadeus Linzer

Amadeus Linzer is an alumnus from the MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship and founder of VitaBlick. Vitablick offers people with limited mobility – in private and care homes – a new chance to live life to the fullest and see their favourite places with the use of Virtual Reality. With this groundbreaking idea, Amadeus already has won two innovation awards. During our interview, we reflected upon Amadeus’ study time at the EUR, how he came up with his idea behind Vitablick, how he has approached product-market fit and what his future ambitions are as an entrepreneur. 

Interview with Kevin van Wijk

Kevin van Wijk is an alumnus from the Master in Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing at the RSM, Erasmus University. In 2012, he has founded a footwear brand called VICO Movement, an independent product-driven footwear brand.  Blending European quality, distinctive design, versatility and craftsmanship is their story. VICO was born from the idea to create “Dressed Sneakers”. Quality footwear that resides at the intersection of timeless and contemporary design, VICO moves with you through everyday life.


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ECE Studio

#2. Innovation Ecosystems Unpacked: What do Startups and Scaleups really need?

Episode 1 - Innovation Ecosystems

In this 1st episode, we start unpacking the functioning of innovation ecosystems for startups and scaleups. Martin Luxemburg does this by engaging in an open discussion with Rogier Thewessen, co-founder of YoungCapital and Prof. Dr. Justin Jansen, Corporate Entrepreneurship Professor at RSM (EUR) and Academic Director of Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. Do innovation ecosystems exist as such? Or are they just an expression of the organisations and the individuals operating in it? We unpack the effects of these interactions in this intro episode to find out what’s specific about them.

Episode 2 - Access to Capital

The 2nd episode dives into the funding landscape within innovation ecosystems for startups and scaleups.  This time Rinke Zonneveld, Executive Director of InnovationQuarter, and Gianluca Valentini | Venture Advisor at EQT Ventures, joins Martin Luxemburg in a fascinating discussion about the importance of access to capital within an innovation ecosystem. How should startups and scaleups navigate through the complex capital landscape, with different types of (international) investment and myriads of stakeholders each playing a different (supportive) role? 

#1. The Innovation Tapes: Explained

Episode 1 - Innovation Processes

Arjan Rensma, Former Innovation Driver at DSM talks about the importance of building structured processes for innovation. Why do organisations need to develop innovation processes and why shouldn’t they let innovation roam free? What are the requirements for building such processes? During this episode, Arjan Rensma reflects on his experience at DSM and how they created strong innovation processes which allowed DSM to build the innovative culture.

Episode 2 - The Bridge Between Management & Innovation Teams

Angelique Plugge, Former Innovation Driver at ING talks about the crucial role innovation drivers play when it comes to driving the innovative culture. Why do innovation drivers need to support (senior) management and what role should management in general play when it comes to driving innovation? How can leaders recognise descriptors in the culture that are either helpful or unhelpful for innovation? During this episode, Angelique reflects on her experience from ING, as well as being a coach in our programme.

Episode 3 - Orchestrating Innovation in Public-Private Ecosystems (NL)

Frank Berkers, Senior Scientist binnen TNO, praat over het nieuwe innovatie vakgebied: Orchestrating Innovation. Wat is Orchestrating Innovation, waarom is ecosysteem samenwerking cruciaal en welke problemen komen het voor in het realiseren van Orchestrating Innovation? Het Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship en TNO lanceren daarom dan ook een innovatieprogramma, Orchestrating Innovation in Public-Private Ecosystems, waar deelnemers leren hoe een effectieve samenwerking binnen innovatie ecosystemen opgezet kan worden.

Episode 4 - Corporate Identity & Leadership for Innovation

Dr. Prof. Justin Jansen, Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management, talks about the influence of corporate identity on innovative behaviour within organisations and the role management plays in shaping the vision / mission for such an identity. Furthermore, Justin shares his insights from his research and discusses real-life examples from Shell & CoolBlue, where the difference in corporate identity and leadership influenced the innovative culture.

Episode 5 - Innoveren binnen publieke organisaties

Gerben Bootsma, Senior Adviseur Innovatie & Mobiliteit binnen het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu vertelt hoe je binnen een publieke organisatie kan analyseren op welke innovatieprojecten je moet focussen en hoe je de innovatiekracht van de organisatie kan versterken. In de vijfde aflevering van The Innovation Tapes: Explained, gaat Gerben samen met Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers in gesprek over de uitdagingen en kansen om innovatie binnen het Ministerie organisatie-breed aan te jagen.

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Eurekaweek 2020

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Research in Reach

In the podcast series “Research in Reach”, students Erik Vermunt and Marco Aperti bridge the gap between academia and society. They question various researchers about their research and how they step out of an academic ‘bubble’.

The Innovation Tapes: Explained

This series lifts the fog around “innovation” by delving into the stories of “innovation drivers”. Who are these people, what does it mean to stimulate innovation & what are the success factors?

Meeting the Future Society

The Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB) conducts a lot of research into social and behavioral science issues. Through this podcast series we make this knowledge accessible to interested citizens.

Global ISSues

The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) is part of Erasmus University Rotterdam and in its podcast series will cover a variety of topics related to international development and social change.

Let’s Talk Trash

This is a student-led podcast from the Erasmus Sustainability Hub. Let’s Talk Trash engages the community in an honest dialogue about sustainability and strives to inspire each other and create awareness.

Innovation Ecosystems Unpacked

How do you build a supportive ecosystem for startups and scaleups to grow? Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship unravels the workings of innovation ecosystems with successful entrepreneurs and experts.


RASL (Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab) presents: UN-disciplined, a podcast in which we explore how we can use transdisciplinary approaches to talk and think about the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.