Startup Voucher: AIR Robotica Journey

Erasmus Enterprise proudly presents David Bos, the creative student entrepreneur mind behind AIR Robotica. With excitement we’re following David’s journey which started over a year ago at the Erasmus University Challenge. Recently, he received the Startup Voucher to take the next step in his entrepreneurial journey and finally working with his first client to bring what started with an idea to life! We spoke to David Bos about his experience, and he offered us a brief testimonial about the Startup Voucher and AIR Robotica:

Vision and Overview

At AIR Robotica, we specialize in developing innovative products to enhance human experiences, with a particular focus on the entertainment sector. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our goal is to revolutionize how organizers deliver entertainment and how visitors experience it. Our smart camera system provides a comprehensive overview of events or parks, optimizing both visitor experiences and profits.

Our mission at AIR Robotica is clear: we aim to empower entertainers with state-of-the-art systems and hardware, taking their offerings to new heights. This commitment goes beyond just entertainment; it’s about creating products that captivate stakeholders while helping businesses improve operations, enhance safety measures, and maximize value.

At AIR Robotica, innovation drives us. We constantly explore new ideas and technologies to enhance human experiences. Quality is our standard; we exceed expectations and set industry benchmarks. We collaborate closely with partners who share our vision, building strong relationships. Ethical leadership guides us; we operate with integrity and transparency, making a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy.

In the journey of our startup, conversations with Bas have been invaluable. His guidance has been instrumental, especially when I’ve bombarded him with countless questions. Our first encounter with the startup voucher came after our participation in the University Challenge, an event we’re excited to be part of again this year.

Being awarded the Startup Voucher provided us with the valuable support of Erasmus Enterprise. This partnership added credibility to our project and expanded our network of resources and expertise. The collaboration with Erasmus Enterprise enabled us to access additional mentorship, guidance, and opportunities for growth, enhancing our overall trajectory as a startup. 

The process of applying for and receiving the Startup Voucher encouraged us to refine and solidify our business idea. Through the application process, we were prompted to articulate our value proposition, define our target market, and outline our strategic objectives more clearly. This exercise helped us to better understand our business model and identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Journey and Tips

Two years into my academic journey, I embarked on my entrepreneurial path through a university challenge aimed at launching startups. Given my interests, I eagerly signed up.

As I reconsidered my goals, inspiration struck: What if there was a drone capturing thrilling action shots and videos? Thus began a journey marked by refining the concept amidst technical challenges and specifications. This venture entailed team building, technical adjustments, client acquisition, and market research. Proudly alongside my business partner Niels van Nieuwland, we founded AIR Robotics, revolutionizing robotics with drones for comprehensive work area overviews. Engaging potential clients like the police and entertainment sectors, our aim is to launch our first project this spring.

Looking Back

Looking back, I realize that building a company is about aligning with your core values and aspirations. It’s not just about finding a job, but creating something that truly reflects who you are. If I were to start over, this insight would be my first step. Understanding this guided my search for the right co-founder and shaped our operational strategies.

Then, it’s crucial to assess the market and identify where the value and opportunities lie. Rather than chasing money, focus on validating your idea by securing commitments from potential clients. Conducting interviews with them is essential; their feedback is invaluable. Only once you’ve gathered this foundation should you proceed to launch your business.

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