Our Vision


We believe that entrepreneurship is essential to create a positive societal impact. Entrepreneurship education helps nurture the necessary skills for visualization and seeking of practical solutions. Valorization ensures that research yields practical results and incubation and acceleration enable the translation of ideas into valuable businesses. Further, scaling contributes to economic growth, job creation, innovation, and economic resilience. We believe that it is through one unified entrepreneurial community – one collaborative base – that we can provide the support and inspiration to everyone who wants to engage in entrepreneurship, make a difference, and create a greater impact, together.


By building one collaborative hub on the EUR campus, where staff, students, alumni and industry experts can engage in entrepreneurship across the entire spectrum: research, education, valorization and incubation/acceleration, and at all stages of entrepreneurship, from early startups to scaleups. We also facilitate support throughout all the key steps of your entrepreneurial journey – from ideating, to funding, to growth – by enabling easy access to 360 degree startup services by our experts, all coming together in one single community.


Erasmus Enterprise brings together the know-how of ERBS, ECE, YES!Delft, UNIIQ and Graduate Entrepreneur Fund in order to create synergies between the specific areas of expertise. This enables cross-collaboration between entrepreneurship programs and across the diverse existing initiatives, and stimulates the convergence of institutes, disciplines and faculties (including TU Delft, EMC and EUR). We believe that by encouraging collaboration and multi-disciplinary teams with different scientific backgrounds, such as technology and social sciences, we can increase impact together by stimulating innovations that solve current societal challenges.