Bridging the Aid Gap in Education: TeachBuddy’s Award-Winning Solution

In a world where education should be equal, there are still unequal access and availability of extra learning resources. This reality struck a chord with Thijs Nederlof and Rik Roosenstein, leading them to establish TeachBuddy in 2020. Their commitment to addressing educational inequality has recently earned them the Startup Award during the Opening of the Entrepreneurial Year 2023.

The Challenge and TeachBuddy’s Solution

TeachBuddy was born from a pressing need observed by Rik during his time as a tutor: he couldn’t help but notice the high costs associated with commercial tutoring agencies. Recognizing that this financial strain was a hurdle for many parents, Rik delved into research to understand the root of the issue. Through extensive research, he uncovered the “aid gap” in schools, where students requiring extra support were not always receiving it due to factors such as time constraints from teachers, students’ reluctance to seek help, and the prohibitive costs of external support.

Inspired by the success of peer tutoring at Laurens Lyceum in Rotterdam, Thijs and Rik envisioned a platform that could automate and regulate the organization of peer tutoring programs, making tutoring among peers more accessible while, at the same time, relieving the burden on teachers. TeachBuddy is currently operating in two schools in Rotterdam and six schools throughout the Netherlands.

Fostering Entrepreneurial Growth and Impact

TeachBuddy’s entrepreneurial journey resonates with the values of Erasmus Enterprise, a vibrant and diverse community that thrives on supporting entrepreneurial minds. At Erasmus Enterprise, we believe in empowering entrepreneurs to shape their own path and define their version of success. Much like TeachBuddy, we recognize that entrepreneurship is about driving positive change and impact, and that startups require a nurturing environment to grow. Our focus is on combining resources, knowledge, and networks to propel startups forward, ensuring they reach their full potential. With TeachBuddy’s dedication to creating a fairer education system, we see a shared commitment to societal improvement through entrepreneurial endeavors.

In this context, TeachBuddy’s well-earned Startup Award highlights our shared purpose. This achievement not only celebrates TeachBuddy’s achievement, but also illustrates how their journey aligns seamlessly with our dedication to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs.


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