Registration Now Open for the first NL Startup Competition!

Rotterdam, 18 December 2023: Today marks the official launch of the first NL Startup Competition, an exciting initiative organized by UPSTREAMErasmus Enterprise, and MT/Sprout in collaboration with the Port of RotterdamErasmus University and City of Rotterdam. This groundbreaking competition offers startups the opportunity to showcase their ingenuity in four pivotal categories: Social, Energy Transition, Digital, and Circular, with the chance to win prize money and other exclusive rewards.

The NL Startup Competition is not just about recognition; it’s about rewarding innovative solutions. The winning startup will receive prize money to further fuel their groundbreaking ideas. In addition to the monetary prize, the competition offers exclusive rewards, including mentorship opportunities, access to a network of industry experts, and potential exposure to investors interested in supporting innovative ventures.

With the Port of Rotterdam as a key partner, the NL Startup Competition benefits from a unique collaboration that enhances the competition’s impact, aligning it with the principles of sustainability and economic vitality.

Startups are encouraged to submit their solutions in one of four categories, reflecting the pressing challenges and opportunities in social, energy transition, digital, and circular economy practices.

Beyond the competition, the NL Startup Competition provides a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and a chance to connect with like-minded visionaries.

Lars Crama, Upstream Festival: NL Startup Competition shows the power of collaboration in fostering innovation. Together with Erasmus Enterprise and MT/Sprout, we are providing a platform that not only recognizes groundbreaking ideas but empowers startups to drive tangible change. It’s not just a competition; it’s a collective journey towards a sustainable and impactful future.

Liesje Goldschmidt, Erasmus Enterprise: At Erasmus Enterprise, we believe in the potential of every startup to make a difference. NL Startup Competition goes beyond traditional recognition, offering not only a chance to win substantial prizes but also providing invaluable support and mentorship. We’re excited to be part of this initiative that empowers innovative entrepreneurs and propels their ideas towards impact.

About NL Startup Competition 
The NL Startup Competition is initiative led by UPSTREAM, Erasmus Enterprise, and MT/Sprout in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam. It aims to support and showcase startups addressing key challenges in social impact, energy transition, digital advancements, and circular economy solutions. 

About Erasmus Enterprise
Erasmus Enterprise is a collaborative community dedicated to empowering visionary entrepreneurs in a playful way. The dynamic ecosystem offerings include: Early-stage startup & scaleup network, qualitative (university) reach, a vibrant entrepreneurial community, incubator programs for nurturing innovation, investor opportunities and a talent pool for fostering growth.

Upstream (on 28 & 29 May 2024 in Rotterdam) connects change makers who drive the transition to a digital, carbon neutral, circular and inclusive new economy. We invite entrepreneurs, investors and bold corporates to share, connect and create meaningful innovations for sustainable growth. 

Register before 15th of April 2024 here.