SAFE- Richard Wibbels’ Entrepreneurial Journey

At Erasmus Enterprise, our mission is to elevate entrepreneurship to new heights. In our “Founders’ Friday” series, we empower both aspiring and established entrepreneurs to drive innovation and achieve their goals. This week, we’re excited to feature an RSM alumni, Richard Wibbels, the founder of SAFE. Join us as we delve into Richard’s entrepreneurial journey and uncover his valuable insights and advice.

Safe Mission and Overview

At SAFE, our mission is to promote electronic music culture. In Düsseldorf, where our team is based, we feel the scene is not as prominent as it could be; clubs are closing, and the city doesn’t fully reflect its rich cultural heritage. In cities where I’ve lived before, like Rotterdam or Berlin, the scene is much more vibrant. We want to change that here.

Our goal is to become a brand in the electronic music space and at the same time have a social impact with what we do. At SAFE, we provide DJs and electronic music artists with a new ‘safe’ place—a new home—where they can perform. We record their sets and upload them online. What started last year as a YouTube channel is slowly becoming something bigger, as we are now also starting to co-organize events and step by step working towards our goals.

"In all beginnings dwells a magic force" -Hermann Hesse

This quote by Hermann Hesse perfectly encapsulates my passion for entrepreneurship. My journey began in the dynamic startup world of Berlin, where I gained my first entrepreneurial experience. Since then, I’ve worked for several startups, driven by the thrill of fast-paced environments brimming with opportunities to learn, innovate, and connect with inspiring, driven individuals. My studies at RSM were essential in preparing me to apply to and succeed in these startups.

The biggest drivers of innovation for me are technological advancements and collaboration. The rapid development of artificial intelligence, for example, offers numerous new opportunities, many of them at low cost. Additionally, collaboration and teamwork enable us to harness knowledge and networks that remain inaccessible when working alone.


Gain early practical experience by working for associations and organizations such as Erasmus Enterprise, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, or Turing Students Rotterdam. These organizations, which were either not present or not as prominent when I was a student, offer great opportunities for growth. Through these experiences, you will learn what you excel at and what you find challenging, as well as what you enjoy and what you don’t. This self-awareness is invaluable for shaping your future career path.

The entrepreneurial path is a two sided coin.

Working at a startup has many advantages. If you want to gain generalist, entrepreneurial work experience, consider roles such as Founder’s Associate, Chief of Staff, or Entrepreneur in Residence. These strategic positions provide a comprehensive overview of all entrepreneurial processes within startups. Startups, if successful, can develop rapidly, so once you get your foot in the door, you may quickly have the opportunity to grow into other roles.

However, the entrepreneurial journey is also risky—many ventures fail. It’s wise to always have a Plan B or an alternative strategy, or to pursue your entrepreneurial projects on the side while maintaining other commitments.

Navigating Challenges

I generally view every failure as a learning experience. To maintain momentum, I keep myself constantly engaged. Currently, I am involved in several projects simultaneously, which keeps me busy and energized. By simply “doing”—ticking things off your to-do list rather than resting—you can generate energy and momentum for the next activity. I envision this process like a self-charging electric car: activity leads to more activity. Just try not to stop moving.

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Want to know more about SAFE or want to get in contact with them? Click here to visit their website!

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