Founders’ Friday: Discovering the Impact of I SEE U Baby Care

This year, Erasmus Enterprise proudly hosted the inaugural NL Startup Competition in collaboration with MT/Sprout, Upstream Festival, and Golden Egg Check. This groundbreaking event marked the first national pitching competition in the Netherlands exclusively for startups. From a pool of 109 applicants, only 16 teams advanced to the finals. Among them, Chanel Sam stood out as a remarkable innovator, winning the Digital Category with her startup, I SEE U Baby Care. To celebrate her impact and innovation, we sat down with Chanel to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and glean valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. Join us as Chanel shares more about I SEE U Baby Care, her path to success, and her advice for those looking to make their mark in the startup world.

Mission and Goals of I SEE U Baby Care

At I SEE U Baby Care, our mission is simple yet profound: reduce the major sleep deprivation for babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Sleep in preterm infants is challenging to recognize, often displaying active behavior that adults don’t associate with rest. Our advanced video recognition software accurately detects sleep, functioning as a decision-support system. This technology will make neonatal sleep measurable and actionable, providing healthcare professionals with a user-friendly tool to enhance infant care.

From Neuroscience to Entrepreneurship: The Genesis of I SEE U Baby Care

My entrepreneurial journey began in the realm of research. With a background in Neuroscience and Cognition, my internship with the sleep team at Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital introduced me to the intricate world of sleep in premature babies. Witnessing the potential impact of our research, I was inspired to bridge the gap between science and everyday life. After finishing my master’s curriculum, I followed an additional six months (minor) of science business courses. This made me feel as ready as I could be, to launch I SEE U Baby Care and transform this amazing research into a tangible startup.

Valuable Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

One principle that guides me is the understanding ‘even the people who are high up the hierarchical ladder, big in the news or have big titles to their names, are still people’. Who knew?! Starting a conversation with genuine passion and a clear plan to make an impact can resonate deeply with anyone. If you believe someone and/or their network can aid your growth, don’t hesitate to reach out. Embrace your authenticity and seize the opportunity.

Journey: Lessons and Perspectives

Throughout my journey, many have questioned the stability of life with a startup, sometimes suggesting alternatives like pursuing a PhD. While the fear of uncertainty is understandable and common, it’s crucial to recognize that this very uncertainty often hinders research from reaching its full potential in real-world applications. I’m grateful that I didn’t let these doubts deter me.

Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success

In the early stages of I SEE U Baby Care, I made it a point to engage with as many entrepreneurial individuals as possible. Each conversation added to my to-do list (in a good way) but, more importantly, helped shape my understanding of what a startup entails. These interactions were instrumental in building my confidence and positioning my startup for success.

Navigating Challenges and Maintaining Resilience

To stay on track, I rely on two key strategies: talking to experienced individuals and maintaining a structured approach. I developed multiple roadmap covering every aspect of the startup, from product development to team building. Clear goals pave the way for multiple pathways to success. This means that my goals are clear, and I believe whenever the goal is clear, there will be a 100 ways that can bring you there. One of them: talking to many people is a very smart way to gain a lot of information fast and the personal contacts you make in the process makes the journey doubly rewarding.

If you find the story of I SEE U Baby Care inspiring and are interested in joining Chanel’s mission, she is actively seeking co-founders in tech and health economics. Connect with her and work together to make a difference!

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Founders’ Friday: Celebrating Marta Imeneo and PLAYFOOL

Because we want to celebrate innovation and brilliant startups within our ecosystem, today, on the Founders’ Friday edition, Erasmus Enterprise proudly presents Marta Imeneo, a visionary entrepreneur behind the innovative PLAYFOOL application. Selected as a recipient of the Startup Voucher, Marta exemplifies the spirit of innovation and determination driving the entrepreneurial landscape. She was also one of the winners of last year’s Erasmus University Challenge. Join us as we interview Marta and learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.


PLAYFOOL is an app designed to distract you from unhealthy cravings, helping to reduce consumption and encourage mindfulness. Our goal is to raise awareness about alcohol and cigarette use and combat the peer pressure often associated with these habits

Marta's Journey with the Startup Voucher

Having previously worked as an ambassador and promoter, Marta was well-acquainted with the competition and its benefits. When the opportunity for the startup voucher arose, she seized it immediately.

“The startup voucher was an unexpected bonus,” Marta shares. “It allowed me to shift my focus to developing our predictive algorithm right away. This new version of PLAYFOOL can now predict the times of day and week when users are most likely to crave alcohol or cigarettes and send notifications to help them stay mindful. This development came much sooner thanks to the voucher. It arrived at the perfect time, and I was able to complete the application quickly, knowing exactly how it would benefit our startup.”

Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Investment StrategyMarta observes that many entrepreneurs gauge their success based on investment funds. “While securing investments is crucial for growth, it’s equally important to be strategic about it. Sometimes, bootstrapping is the best approach if you have the necessary resources at the moment.”

Business Model Considerations: Reflecting on her journey, Marta emphasizes the importance of thoroughly considering the business model. “Early on, we quickly decided whether PLAYFOOL would be B2B or B2C without exploring all our options. This led us to miss some great market-fit opportunities. I advise spending ample time discussing every aspect of your business model with your team and keeping an open mind even after settling on a strategy. Remember, pivoting is always an option.”

Overcoming Adversity: Marta highlights product validation as a significant challenge. “Entrepreneurs must be prepared to set aside their egos and listen to their audience and market feedback. You might believe in your product, but your target group needs to believe in it too.”

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Want to be the next one featured?

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential with the Startup Voucher – an exclusive opportunity open to all ambitious young minds ready to ignite their business dreams. Don’t miss your chance to seize this invaluable resource and embark on your journey towards success!

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