Startup Voucher: AIR Robotica Journey

Erasmus Enterprise proudly presents David Bos, the creative student entrepreneur mind behind AIR Robotica. With excitement we’re following David’s journey which started over a year ago at the Erasmus University Challenge. Recently, he received the Startup Voucher to take the next step in his entrepreneurial journey and finally working with his first client to bring what started with an idea to life! We spoke to David Bos about his experience, and he offered us a brief testimonial about the Startup Voucher and AIR Robotica:

Vision and Overview

At AIR Robotica, we specialize in developing innovative products to enhance human experiences, with a particular focus on the entertainment sector. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our goal is to revolutionize how organizers deliver entertainment and how visitors experience it. Our smart camera system provides a comprehensive overview of events or parks, optimizing both visitor experiences and profits.

Our mission at AIR Robotica is clear: we aim to empower entertainers with state-of-the-art systems and hardware, taking their offerings to new heights. This commitment goes beyond just entertainment; it’s about creating products that captivate stakeholders while helping businesses improve operations, enhance safety measures, and maximize value.

At AIR Robotica, innovation drives us. We constantly explore new ideas and technologies to enhance human experiences. Quality is our standard; we exceed expectations and set industry benchmarks. We collaborate closely with partners who share our vision, building strong relationships. Ethical leadership guides us; we operate with integrity and transparency, making a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy.

In the journey of our startup, conversations with Bas have been invaluable. His guidance has been instrumental, especially when I’ve bombarded him with countless questions. Our first encounter with the startup voucher came after our participation in the University Challenge, an event we’re excited to be part of again this year.

Being awarded the Startup Voucher provided us with the valuable support of Erasmus Enterprise. This partnership added credibility to our project and expanded our network of resources and expertise. The collaboration with Erasmus Enterprise enabled us to access additional mentorship, guidance, and opportunities for growth, enhancing our overall trajectory as a startup. 

The process of applying for and receiving the Startup Voucher encouraged us to refine and solidify our business idea. Through the application process, we were prompted to articulate our value proposition, define our target market, and outline our strategic objectives more clearly. This exercise helped us to better understand our business model and identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Journey and Tips

Two years into my academic journey, I embarked on my entrepreneurial path through a university challenge aimed at launching startups. Given my interests, I eagerly signed up.

As I reconsidered my goals, inspiration struck: What if there was a drone capturing thrilling action shots and videos? Thus began a journey marked by refining the concept amidst technical challenges and specifications. This venture entailed team building, technical adjustments, client acquisition, and market research. Proudly alongside my business partner Niels van Nieuwland, we founded AIR Robotics, revolutionizing robotics with drones for comprehensive work area overviews. Engaging potential clients like the police and entertainment sectors, our aim is to launch our first project this spring.

Looking Back

Looking back, I realize that building a company is about aligning with your core values and aspirations. It’s not just about finding a job, but creating something that truly reflects who you are. If I were to start over, this insight would be my first step. Understanding this guided my search for the right co-founder and shaped our operational strategies.

Then, it’s crucial to assess the market and identify where the value and opportunities lie. Rather than chasing money, focus on validating your idea by securing commitments from potential clients. Conducting interviews with them is essential; their feedback is invaluable. Only once you’ve gathered this foundation should you proceed to launch your business.

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Startup Voucher

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Startup Voucher: BIKEBAZE Testimonial

Erasmus Enterprise proudly presents Dries Dederen, a visionary entrepreneur behind the innovative BIKEBAZE venture. Selected as a bright recipient of the Startup Voucher, Dederen exemplifies the spirit of innovation and determination driving the entrepreneurial landscape.

Vision and Overview

BIKEBAZE is dedicated to combating bike theft in the Netherlands with innovative, community-driven solutions. Our platform, launching soon in Rotterdam, allows bike owners to register their bikes in a central database, linking each bike (using the unique frame number) to its owner. Combined with our unique, tamper resistant SafeTags, we provide a comprehensive system for bike security. Our aim is twofold: to prevent bike theft by making theft less attractive due to the SafeTags, and to facilitate the recovery of bikes. For instance, if authorities find a container in the port full of stolen bikes, our system makes it easy to trace back the owners. This dual approach – increasing prevention and improving recovery – taps into the rich biking culture of the Netherlands and addresses the critical issue of bike theft, which impacts tens of thousands of Rotterdam’s bike owners annually.

I learned about the Startup Voucher through my interaction with Bas. The application process was straightforward, involving detailed planning from the idea stage to financials. I’m looking forward to using the voucher for testing various offline marketing strategies and for the initial production (and further R&D) of our SafeTags.

Journey and Tips

My journey has taught me the value of self-reliance in developing our MVP. Initially, I sought co-founders and investors, which, while important, can be time-consuming without a tangible product. My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is this: if you believe you can develop your product yourself, do it. Build that MVP, even if it’s not perfect. It’s more effective to approach potential partners or investors with something concrete. Of course, if you find someone suited to join, that’s great – collaboration can be invaluable. But don’t spend all your time at networking events seeking co-founders or investors with just an idea. Building a functional MVP first can be a game-changer.

Looking Back

Reflecting on my early steps, I’ve learned the importance of diving deep into your product and exploring if you can develop it independently. If you find that you can, take that route first. While networking to find co-founders or investors is crucial, focusing first on developing a tangible product – even a simple MVP – can make a significant difference. It’s often more compelling to engage others with a working model than just an idea. The entrepreneurial path is as much about building and learning as it is about finding the right people to join your journey. So, what I would do different is start developing the MVP myself even if it is technically a bit challenging, but hey, there is YouTube!

One aspect I would approach the same way is engaging in conversations with a wide range of people, especially finding mentors. The guidance, feedback, and motivation provided by mentors have been invaluable. Entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely journey, filled with moments of frustration. Having mentors who understand these challenges and can offer motivation and support is crucial. They provide not just practical advice, but also the emotional boost needed to navigate the ups and downs of building a startup. This network of support is something I would recommend every entrepreneur to cultivate actively.

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Thriving Together: Ease2pay’s Collaborative Path with Erasmus Enterprise

In a celebration of innovation and collaborative spirit, Ease2pay, founded by Gijs van Lookeren Campagne and Jan Borghuis, has been honored with the Erasmus Enterprise Community Award during the Opening of Entrepreneurial Year 2023. This award highlights the strong sense of teamwork and shared progress while being part of the Erasmus Enterprise community in the last year. Gijs van Lookeren Campagne and Jan Borghuis remarked, “We have never felt as at home as in the past year being part of Erasmus Enterprise.

 Ease2pay Self-Service solution

Ease2pay was founded in 2017 by Jan Borghuis and Gijs van Lookeren Campagne. Their mission is to create a self-service platform, where services can be used at any time of the day. For Ease2pay, self-service is not just a matter of convenience; it’s an essential driver of the energy transition, particularly in sectors like charging stations where it’s vital for profitability and consumer control. Their all-in-one app allows users to effortlessly interact with services like ports, car parks, and petrol stations. Simplifying self-service options for users, driving us towards a more sustainable society. 

The Synergy between Erasmus Enterprise and Ease2pay

What sets the Community Award apart is the connection between Ease2pay and the Erasmus Enterprise community. As one of the pioneering scale-ups, Ease2pay found its home in the Erasmus Enterprise building over two years ago on the Erasmus University campus, a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation. Here, they have been able to engage directly with students, immersing them in their transformative work. Furthermore, in the past years Ease2pay has contributed significantly to the startup community by participating as coaches in the Erasmus University Challenge and engaging in insightful speed dates with budding entrepreneurs. These experiences provided valuable perspectives on overcoming challenges of starting a business, leaving a lasting impact in our entrepreneurs’ ecosystem.

This dynamic connection between Ease2pay and Erasmus Enterprise showcases the power of collaboration and support in advancing innovative ventures. Erasmus Enterprise combines essential elements for a thriving startup environment, uniting resources and multi-disciplinary expertise from Rotterdam and Delft, offering an ideal and thriving environment for entrepreneurial journeys. This partnership, then, underlines the essence of Erasmus Enterprise: fostering an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive, innovate, and make a positive impact on society. It is through seamless interactions and collaborative events that we create dynamic network spaces, driving meaningful impact in the entrepreneurs’ community.

Join the Erasmus University Challenge and be part of a vibrant community where academia, students, government, companies, and organizations collaborate to drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and co-creation! 

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A Closer Look at Funding: How Funding Can Help Your Startup?

“Money is like oxygen to a business; without it, it simply cannot survive.” – Sir Richard Branson

What is funding?
Funding refers to the financial support or capital provided to startups or businesses so that businesses can grow and achieve their goals. It can come from various sources such as investors, venture capital firms, government grants, or even personal savings. Startups often need funding for several reasons:

  • Launching and Development: Startups require capital to turn their ideas into reality. This includes developing prototypes, conducting market research, building a team, and refining their products or services.
  • Expansion to Scale-up: Once a startup has established its initial presence, funding becomes crucial for scaling up operations, entering new markets, or expanding the customer base. This often requires significant investments in marketing, infrastructure, and hiring additional staff.
  • Research and Innovation: Many startups operate in industries that require continuous research and development. Funding enables them to invest in innovation, explore new technologies, and stay competitive in the market.
  • Attracting Talent: Startups need to attract skilled professionals and experts to fuel their growth. Funding allows them to offer competitive salaries, benefits, and stock options, making them more attractive to top talent.

How can Erasmus Enterprise help you?

  • Access to Regional Investment Funds: Erasmus Enterprise collaborates with regional investment funds, such as UNIIQ, to provide startups with potential investment opportunities. Through this partnership, startups within the Erasmus Enterprise community can pitch their ideas and business plans to these funds, increasing their chances of receiving financial support
  • Alumni Investors Network: Erasmus Enterprise actively engages with its network of alumni investors who have a vested interest in supporting entrepreneurial ventures. By connecting startups with alumni investors, Erasmus Enterprise creates opportunities for funding and mentorship. These investors can provide capital, industry expertise, and valuable connections to help startups grow.
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Fund: Erasmus Enterprise extends its investment network to all members of its community through the Graduate Entrepreneur Fund. This fund offers financial support specifically targeted at entrepreneurial ventures initiated by graduates of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Startups founded by Erasmus alumni can access this fund to secure funding for their businesses.
  • Erasmus University Challenge: The Erasmus University Challenge is an initiative that aims to support and fund students and entrepreneurs through a competition-style program. Participants pitch their innovative ideas or startups to a panel of judges, with funding prizes awarded to the winners. This financial support enables them to further develop their projects or businesses, providing participants with exposure to a widen their networks, helping them foster connections. Within this network, investors may offer funding, mentorship, and other forms of support like guidance and this guidance boosts participants’ chances of attracting funding, not only within the competition but also in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. Hence, by being part of Erasmus University Challenge, participants gain validation, visibility, and a platform to showcase their ideas or startups to a broader audience of industry professionals and the academic community.Find out more about Erasmus Enterprise by following our social media and stay up to date with upcoming events.